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The Cornwall Package Store, in the scenic Northwest Corner of Connecticut, is a confluence for town-folk, campers, fishermen hunters, truckers and weekenders alike. Established in 1938 at the Junction of Routes 7 and 4 by the Housatonic River, CPS has the broadest selection of wines and brews in Litchfield County. It is featured in Appalachian Trail guides as a stopping place for through-hikers to trade messages, have a big can of  beer, and experience a little “trail magic.”
Junction of Routes 7 & 4, Cornwall Bridge CT 06754   860.672.6645

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Patty and Nestor recently toured the Breckenridge Distillery in the ski town Breckenridge, Colorado. Cornwall Package Store carries their Bourbon made from the clear mountain stream water and shows a deep honey amber hue with warm aromas of under-ripe banana, brown sugar and toasted sesame. Try this light bodied whiskey with its long sweet oak and vanilla finish. 
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